Make a First Wish(Hatsumode/初詣) 2015 – Hikawa Shrine(氷川神社)

I visited a nearby shrine, Hikawa Shrine(氷川神社), for Hatsumode(初詣), New Year’s Wish. Most people make a wish, like making a good fortune, family health, getting a good partner, getting a baby, good business achievement and good grade, etc. However, I just empty my mind as usual. It’s my way.


My 2015 New Year’s Resolution

My 2014 New Year’s Resolution was « Write English. » I keep to post once a week, aside from whether the quality is good or not. I ponder my 2015 New Year’s Resolution. My final target is to be a real traveler. Not a dream traveler. Travel costs too much. Money is all. All is money.

I’m a programmer. I cannot expect better salary anymore. I don’t have any vitality to start my own business and do a side job. The best way to get more money for me is to trade stock. My first trade was July 2005. I’ve been seeing stock as game so far. So, I’ve been doing lots of rough trade. Big Win makes me bold. Then, Big Lose waits for me. That has repeated. I get to know my character through stock. I must be patient with moderate win. It’s too difficult to change my character. But, I try to take a rest after win as much as I can.

Plus, I must pay attention to a big picture. In 2010, I did short for Toyota stuck in trouble of car recalls in the USA. Toyota stock holders screamed on BBS at that time. However, they were rewarded with huge gain. Look at Toyota 10 year’s chart.

Toyota stock grows 2.5 times since 2012. I’m stupid. Although I like short, do not to stick to it. I must consider buy and hold. However, Nikkei 225 and Dow Jones are all time high for these 10 years. It’s not right time. I’m going to research for next economic boom. Some of my posts may be about stock this year.


4 réponses à “Make a First Wish(Hatsumode/初詣) 2015 – Hikawa Shrine(氷川神社)

  1. okay, Milu, you teach us some stock talk now. 🙂 don’t forget to feed us once in awhile with some tasty Japanese cuisine. 😛 happy 2015!!

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