Mochi(餅)/Rice Cake & 2923:Sato Foods Co.,Ltd

When I post about Japanese food, in most cases, I took pictures at popular & budget restaurants.
But, maybe I have never eaten Mochi(餅)/Rice Cake at restaurant. Mochi/Rice Cake might be food at home. We eat Mochi/Rice Cake especially for the first three days of new year. Popular recipe by Mochi/Rice Cake is two.

The one is Ozoni. Cooking is different from region to region.
In my case,
(1). Boil carrots, radish, taro and chicken with kombu seaweed.
(2). Pour soy sauce in (1).
(3). Bake Mochi/Rice Cake.
(4). Baked Mochi/Rice Cakse in (1).

It’s very easy, isn’t it?

The other cooking is much easier. Just bake.

Which maker has No.1 market share? Probably, <2923>Sato Foods Co,Ltd. We can see Sato Foods’ Mochi goods at every shop.

The most excellent is its 10 years stock chart. Just about 30% down during Lehman Brothers Shock 2008.  No down after East Japan Earthquake, Mar 11, 2011. Rather go up. Maybe, Mochi/Rice Cake is good for emergency food. Top 10 stockholders have over 50% stocks and are relatives and related companies. Maybe, I don’t need to worry about plunge. Dividends is 12 yen per share. According to official sites, the company gives a 1,000 yen gift to over 100 share holders, a 3,000 yen gift to over 1,000 share holders, 5,000 yen gift to over 3,000 share holders and 7,000 yen gift to over 7,000 share holders.

The risk is few volume everyday. Mostly 4 or 5 trades. No trades sometimes. Oct 29th 2014, the stock plunged nealy 10% from 2,990 yen to 2,707 yen with just 12,000 volumes. I cannot find any bad news on that day.

It seems that Oct 28th is the day for the right of gifts to stockholders. I got it. That’s why soar & plunge every Oct. September is the best for buy? I’ll think over it!!


4 réponses à “Mochi(餅)/Rice Cake & 2923:Sato Foods Co.,Ltd

  1. My stomach just skipped a beat. 🙂 I love mochi, and had quite an experience with making it. I also have tasted that (drooling) delectable soup.

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