Mrs. Watanabe vs The Swiss National Bank, Jan 15th, 2015

Watanabe is No.6 common family name in Japan, according to Myoji Yurai Net.
Around 1,123,000 people are Watanabe. Nearyly 1/10 people are Watanabe in Japan.
If you go to school or office, you can meet one or two Watanabe.
Maybe you know Ken Watanabe who played a main role in Letters from Iwo Jima and a supportive role in The Last Samurai. I’ve never watched both movies. Someday, I want to watch.

Anyway, we have the word « Mrs. Watanabe ». Wikipedia says « Mrs. Watanabe means Japanese retail investors. They are big players in FX market. Even institutional investors are afraid of Mrs.Watanabe. They trade during especially lunch. They often sell yen and buy dollar. They tend to buy when the market plunges, and sell when the market surges. Their favorite currency is a high yield currency like Australia Dollar and New Zealand Dollar. The most famous Mrs.Watanabe is the housewife in 50s who got about 400 million yen!!(4 million dollar, 100 yen = 1 dollar) profit from 2002 to 2005 and dodged tax around 130 million yen. »

The accident shocked Mrs. Watanabe just after 6PM(Japan Standard Time) on Jan 15th, 2015. The Swiss National Bank abandoned the Swiss Franc’s cap against the Euro.

The currency market shook unprecedentedly. JPY/CHF 105 => 153, USD/CHF 1.02 => 0.81, EUR/CHF 1.20 => 1.01 in just 15 minutes. What happened to Mrs. Watanabe? Hell and Heaven.
Here is a article by Naver. Some Mrs. Watanabe got huge win, 40 million yen, and say they would quit their jobs. Some Mrs. Watanabe were extremely beaten, 92 million yen, and say they wouldn’t pay their debt. One of Mrs. Watanabe was very upset and he/she threw his cat against the wall. The cat never stood up again. One of Mrs. Watanabe expresses an interesting metaphor, « I don’t have any positions these 10 days. It looks like an airplane accident just before my airplane. »

Me? I don’t have an FX account. It seems difficult. But, I’m curious and may open an account sooner or later.


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