BabyMetal – Fusion of Metal and Japanese Idol Group

I watched a released video « Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina(夢の浮世に咲いてみな) » by KISS and Momoiro Clover Z on Youtube. It’s free. So, I shouldn’t push a dislike button. Even I’m disappointed. How do KISS fans feel?

I watched another videos to refresh my ears. I clicked over and over.
A suggested video caught my heart. The video seems be released 1 and half years ago and got over 13,000,000 views, as of Feb 6th 2015. Absolutely, I pushed a like button. This is it.

I’m stunned from the introduction. I’ve never thought Koto(琴), Japanese traditional instrument, sounds go well with metal sounds by drum and guitar. And then, cute girls come out and dance wildly.
Although their singing style is not metal. it allures me. I can’t help but asking myself « Why don’t I know this group until now? » By the way, melody from 1:55 to 2:19 is a Japanese folk song: « Sakura Sakura ».
Bon Jovi also put « Sakura Sakura » into their song: « Tokyo Road« .

I found another song « Catch Me If You Can Live » featured by Japanese folk song and kids play « Tag ».

It seems they already made a world tour in 2014: France, Germany and UK.
Their performance seems to go beyond language barrier.
I’m glad they share Japanese culture to the world through their metal.

Although I’m late, I listen to their songs everyday from February 2015 and I’m addicted to them!!



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