My Stock Trade – Feb 2015

Jan 30(Fri), 2015, <4523>Eisai announced its Q3 annual report. It says operating profit goes down from 451B yen to 238B yen,  nearly 50% down. I looked at <4523> Eisai chart. « It’s extremely bullish. Is it a chance to short?  » Feb 2(Mon), I put a short order and closed a trade application in the morning. At lunch, I opened the application and my eyes pop out. The stock surged. I couldn’t face it and didn’t put a buyback order on that day. After then, the stock wouldn’t go down. Feb 6(Fri), I made up my mind to buyback. Nearly 300,000 yen loss.

Anyway, Nikkei 225 is unbelievably bullish and highest in 10 years. It seems oil price drop doesn’t make any influence to the market. Stocks I cut losses last year went up higher than my buying price. If I am what I was 10 years ago, I would feel disgusting. But, such a thing cannot sway my feeling anymore. I’m going to wait for a next stage.


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