Goodbye Citibank from Japan, 2015

ring ring. ring ring.

Me: « Hello. »
Citi: « I’m xxx from Citibank. Could I have a minute of your time, Sir? »
Me: « A little bit, All right. »
Citi: « Thank you, Sir. May I share you our trust funds? »
Me: « I don’t buy. »
Citi: « blah, blah, blah »
Me: « I don’t buy. »
Citi: « I’ll share you next time. »

After I opened an account of Citibank, I got a call probably once a month for 2 or 3 years.
From my abroad travels, I learned Citibank is everywhere. That’s why I opened an account.
But, by these calls, I learned a foreign bank is annoying not like Japanese bank.
Plus, although Citibank bankers must be elite, my job is better than them.
I just talk with computers. Hahaha.

Anyway, Dec 25th 2014, Citibank announced on their website.
« Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Citi reach agreement on acquisition of Citibank Japan’s retail banking business. »
Umm…I have to look for another worldwide retail bank. But, it’s difficult.
HSBC also left Japan in 2012. There is no such a bank anymore.
I hope they will come bank again.

Anyway, I look at Citibank chart. I don’t want to buy.
It’s still 1/10, although it’s been 7years since Lehman Brothers Shock.


4 réponses à “Goodbye Citibank from Japan, 2015

  1. Citibank truly sounds like that. Just a hunch though. I only had one bank ever since. I know HSBC’s big in Asia. Too bad they left Japan.

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