My Portfolio – Apr 2015

Five minutes trade helps me get money relatively easily because all I have to do is to bet on gravitation.
But, it’s necessary to keep reading news getting me tired. It’s not worth. So, I quit.

I already closed all my long term positions Nov 2014. Because I felt Japan market played symphony of craziness like 4523:Eisai. However, it seems I’m addicted to stock. I cannot keep out of market.

Short term trade makes me tired. No position makes me feel empty. Dilemma.
One thing came to my mind. « My goal is an eternal nomad. Do not stick to Japan. Turn my eyes to the world! »

I visited the World Street Journal site and found an article saying George Soros is buying Herbalife(HLF) shares. It’s interesting to follow a legend investor’s position. I haven’t heard of the name of Herbalife. But, without any thoughts, I got in on Mar 6th, 2015. One week later, HLF jumped up . What happened? I skimmed through related news. Fishy. I made up my mind to sell.

Speaking of George Soros, next is Jim Rojers. I found his blog. He says « I expected another opportunity to buy gold in a decline sometime in the next year or two. » I bought GDX: Gold Miners ETF Market Vectors on Mar 11th, 2015 to measure gold market temperature. So far, so good. Can I catch a bottom?

George Soros, Jim Rogers. The next one should be Warren Buffett. When I started stock trade 10 years ago, I read a book about Warren Buffett. He have been investing in Coca Cola. Japan market is closed. Most products and goods are supplied by domestic companies. But, Coca Cola is an exception. I bought KO:Coca Cola shares on the ex-dividend date, Mar 12th, 2015. But, dividends are not deposited yet. Does it take time to transfer to Japan?

The last. I shouldn’t always follow greatest investors. Think by myself. Breaking news came out. Muhammadu Buhari wins presidency in Nigeria.
One of countries I want to travel. NGE:Global X Nigeria Index ETF soared more that 10%. Who cares? I got in on Apr 1st, 2015. My rating is STRONG HOLD.


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