Walking around Nihon Bunka University(日本文化大学)

It didn’t take much time to find out that this school, Nihon Bunka University, is quite different from another schools. All students wore jerseys. As for teachers, 50:50. Half of them wore jerseys and half wore suits. I was the only one wearing casual clothes. They can easily find out I’m not an authorized person. However, I walked around this school without daunting.

That building is the tallest in this campus. Absolutely, I went to the top. But, a scary guy stood there and said « Nobody can get in this area, today. » The man and me went down to the ground floor by elevator. I hung around there for a couple of minutes. The man kept his eyes on me and said « Don’t go up ». (Shit! he noticed.) I left that building.

I reached the edge of this school and found a jogging path, Wakei no Michi(和敬の道). I really want to walk through this path. But, the sign says « Do not go through this path alone. » Plus, another scary guy was watching me. I couldn’t help but giving up.

I went back where I came from and went to the other side of this path. There was no watchman. But, I didn’t get in. I knew he was still there.

I sat down on a bench and googled about this school. The official site says « No1 school to police officer. » This school has a Judo hall, a Kendo/剣道(Japanese style sword martial arts) hall and aKyudo/弓道(Japanese style archery martial arts) hall. These are basics for police officers in Japan. I realized why many students have big shoulder muscles and big chest muscles.

Lunch time, I watched what food is popular. This is it! Frittered chickens are out of a bowl.

Lunch – 400 yen

  • Frittered Chicken Bowl(Left)
  • Boiled Spinach(Mid)
  • Consomme Soup(Right)

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