Walking around Hosei University – Tama Campus(法政大学-多摩キャンパス)

I counted « Walking around university » series on my blog. It’s already 10. This time, I visitedHosei University – Tama Campus(法政大学-多摩キャンパス).

At first, I went up the tallest building. Maybe, the white thing in the middle of this picture is the tip of Mt.Fuji. Can you see? Very very tiny.

Looking right, I can see a tower. Today’s goal is that!

When I went down, I found this cool monument. Its theme seems peace.

« Lie on me! » this grass field says.

« Climb up me! » this dome says.

A little bit! But, there is a fence. This tower doesn’t belong to this school.

Instead, I found a jogging path. Of course, I walked through. Maybe, few people jog through this path. Some cobwebs dangled on the way. I got itchy neck and leg that night.

When I walked for 10 minutes or so, I got to a road. I googled. The road leads to the entrance of this school but very roundabout. I walked back where I came from.

This school has 4 school canteens. I checked every canteen. The restaurant in 1st building looks best. I picked up « Select Lunch »: you can choose 3 foods.

Lunch – 450 yen

  • Fried fish(Maybe, horse mackerel) – (Left on Lower Left)
  • Meat Ball(Right on Lower Left)
  • Scrambled Egg & Ham(Upper Right)
  • Rice(Lower Right)
  • Miso Soup(Upper Mid) – 麩/Fu is inside.

Aside from what I choose, Frittered Chicken, Stirred Vegetables and Croquette.

The Last. 2 years ago, Oct 13th 2013, I watched this school students played an amazing Yosakoi dance at Tokyo Yosakoi Festival. Although they didn’t get a prize, No.1 for me. It still remains in my mind.


2 réponses à “Walking around Hosei University – Tama Campus(法政大学-多摩キャンパス)

  1. I love how you made the places talk. 😀 10 Universities!!! Great number given your history. 😉 Did I travel all 10 with you? 😀

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