Sagami Giant Kite Festival(相模大凧祭り),May 4th, 2015

Here comes 2015 Giant Kite Festival in Sagamihara! The World No.1 Giant Kite! This festival has a long long history since 1830 and is held at 4 venues every May 4th and 5th nowadays. I visited every venue this year. The day was windy. Best day for flying a kite.

Kami-Isobe(上磯部) Venue.

This year’s theme kanji is 隼風(Haya Kaze/Falcon Wind).

Dirt Road! They look pleasant. 15 years ago, I often drove a motorbike in mountains in the distance. I’ve never thought of driving this dirt path. I already quit to drive. I should’ve done.

Shimo-Isobe(下磯部) Venue.

I reached the main venue – Katsu Saka(勝坂) around 11:30AM. I asked a staff when you would start to fly a giant kite. He said « Right Now! ». Lucky!

1st Try…..Failed.

2nd Try……Umm, swinging. It seems strong wind doesn’t always help fly a kite.

A staff announced they were going to have a break. I left this venue.

Shindo(新戸) Venue. Not only a giant kite but chain kites are cool.

I had a lunch here.

Hiroshima style Okonomi Yaki – 500 yen.
Cabbages, Pork, Konjac are inside a baked pancake. Pickled Ginger, Bonito Frakes, Nori Seaweed, Egg are on it.

Kids Sumo Wrestling was held at this venue.
I went back to the main venue.

2:00PM. 3rd Try! I want to see soar!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, folded in two.
Bummer. I couldn’t see soar this year.

Staffs are fixing.


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