Tamago, Anago, Kohada – Sushibun(鮨文), Tsukiji

4 years ago, I went to Tsukiji once a week to enjoy Sushi. I visited many Sushi restaurants. I woke up early, got on the earliest train, had Sushi and then walked to my office for an hour. Today, I heard Tsukiji Market will move to Toyosu in 2016. So, I came here to see. Nothing has changed. People make lines to enjoy Sushi.

If you ask me which Sushi restaurant is best at Tsukiji, I highly recommend Sushibun(鮨文). They say you can figure out an excellent Sushi restaurant by Tamago(Egg), Anago(Conger Eel), Kohada(Gizzard Shad). I didn’t believe it until I met Sushibun. You have to pay 4,000 yen. But, if you want to eat excellent Tamago, Anago and Kohada, it’s worth it. My taste buds don’t tell a lie.

What looks like Tamago, Anago and Kohada?
I here share pictures. These days, I’m not willing to pay expensive things. These are delicatessen by a supermarket.

Upper Left: Chutoro(Tsuna), Ika(Squid), Akami(Tsuna), Tsubugai?
Middle Left: Kani(Crab), Ikura, Amaebi(Shrimp), Tamago(Egg)
Lower Left: Anago(Congee Eel), Shake(Salmon), Ika(Squid)

Aji(Horse Mackerel), Kohada(Gizzard Shad), Ika(Squid)


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