Wahiba Sands – 1000 Nights Camp, Oman(Ouch! I missed sunset!) – July 3, 2015

Narita(Japan) – Doha(Qatar) – Muscat(Oman). 16 hours flight.
The date changed from July 2nd to 3rd. I finally got there.
When I went out of the airport, the heat covered up my body.
They say 45 – 46 Celsius in Oman in July. When was the last time the air temperature was over my age?
Plus, Ramadan(Jun 18 – July 18, 2015 Oman). No drink, No eat in public.
Unease came to my mind. Can I stand this heat? Can I spend my holidays in Oman without any sick?
I cursed my idiot booking. « Wow! The flight fare is fairly cheaper. Desert Camp fee is discounted, too. I should book now! »

Anyway, regret is the last thing to do. I looked for my driver, Mr.B.
I stared at every welcome card.
Me: « Marhaban(مرحباً/Hello)! »
Mr.B: « Marhaban(مرحباً/Hello)! »
Me: (Ohhhhhhh. My Arabic gets through to him. Thanks Nemo! Worth learning.)
Me: « Sarurtu Biliqaik(سررت بلقا ئك/Nice to meet you)! »
Mr.B: « ?????? Nice to meet you. »
Me: « (Umm. Mistake?) Nice to meet you. »
Me: « Taqsun Harr(طقس حار/Hot)! »
Mr.B: « Taqsun Harr(طقس حار/Hot)! You know Arabic? »
Me: « No, no. Just greeting. How long does it take to the camp? »

While driving, Mr.B tell me how much not only he but many Omani people like Japan.
Especially, I was startled that he can name Japanese major motor companies: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki, Isuzu, Daihatsu.

Me: « I’d like to ask you. Don’t you eat and drink today? Because of ramadan. »
Mr.B: « Of course not. »
Me: « Must be tough. »
Mr.B: « Not tough. We get used to. »
Me: « Really? I can stand not to eat. But, I cannot stand not to drink. Impossible. I’m sorry. »
Mr.B: « OK. No problem. We know that. »
Me: « Shukran(شكرا/Thank you). From what age Omani people do fasting during ramadan? »
Mr.B: « Mostly 14 – 15. Younger 9 – 10. »
Me: « How do you start fasting from such a young age? Skip all from the start? »
I couldn’t listen well. Maybe, they gradually decrease amount of food.

While driving, Mr.B sometimes stopped and gave me chances to take photos.

After then, we went through a rough path. Bouncing! Bouncing! Jumping from the seat.
I should’ve taken a video. 1PM, 3 hours driving. Finally, we got to the camp: 1000 Nights Camp.

I forgot the heat. Well air-conditioned inside the car.  Scoooooooooooorching!
Am I OK to stay here? Unease came across my mind, again.

Camp Staff: « Only you today. »
Me: « Only me? No visitor? »
Camp Staff: « Too hot and ramadan. »
Me: « Oh my. »

The staff took me to my tent.
Sheikh Tent – No air conditioner.

Too hot to go outside.
Nothing else to do but just sitting on a chair.

The staff came to my tent.
Staff: « 1PM – 2PM. The hottest. I show you another tent with air conditioner. No extra charge but only daytime. Not to stay at night. »
Me: « Oh, thank you, thank you. »

As I was relieved, I walked around the camp.

Too hot! I’m gonna die. I went straight to the air-conditioned room right away.
5PM, 2hours until sunset, that day’s most important event. I lay down on a bed.
Zzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
I woke up. Already, dark. Ouch! I missed sunset!


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