Musandam, Oman – Mountain Safari(Allah Preaches) – July 7th, 2015

10:00AM, I got my backpack back at Khasab Airport. When I was talking with Mr.B, a man, Mr.S, got into our talk.
Mr.S: « Japan? »
Me: « Yes, Japan. »
Mr.S: « こんにちは(Konnichiwa/Hello) »
Me: « こんにちは »
Mr.S had a homestay for 1 week in Japan 20-some years ago. He still can speak some Japanese words. He has a good impression about Japan. Luckily, Mr.S took me to mountains.

You see Oman is a very rocky country. I think rocky area is wider than desert area in Oman.

Can you see wet on the right?
Mr.S : « Miracle Water. Donkeys and goats take a sip. »

Can you see caves?
Mr.S: « Wives and kids were hidden there. Portuguese tried to steal them. »
Me: « What did they eat? »
Mr.S: « Dried fish and Dates. »
Me: « They walked from the foot of a mountain to here? You said 2,000m above the sea level. »
Mr.S « They were stronger than us. »
Me: « Tough Life. »

Top of the mountain. Actually, it’s not top. There are army institutions. Foreigners aren’t allowed.

Almost 360° view.

On the way back.
Mr.S: « Are you married? »
Me: « No, single. »
Mr.S: « Why? »
Me: « No special reason. »
Mr.S: « You should. If we have a good doctor, but, he dies, nobody can help us. If we have a good engineer, but he dies, nobody can make anything. Something like that. We need to keep bearing children. You see? What’s your religion? »
Actually, I’m always bewildered by this question. I’m an atheist like most Japanese.
Me: « Buddhism. »
Mr.S: « Who is the greatest? »
Me: « (OMG! I forgot. His name stops at my throat.) I’m not sure. »
Mr.S: « You don’t know? Anyway, Our God Allah respects other religions like Buddhism, Christianity. I don’t know about your God. But, like your God…. »
I’m so sorry. I was getting sleepy. In order to wake me up, I tried to ask something.
But, Mr.S is very talkative and seems to love talking about religious matters.
Mr.S: « …..Adam…..Eve…. »
Islam looks like Christianity. I though in my dream.
Mr.S: « Are you sleepy? I talk  too much. »
Me: « No, no. I’m so sorry. »


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