Khasab, Oman – Last Day(Now, We are Friends!) – July 9, 2015

5:00AM I left my hotel to walk around.
Me: “Sabahul noon!”
Local People: “Sabahul noon!”
“Sabahul Khayr” is “Good Morning” in Arabic, but here Khasab, they say “Sabahul noon!”. So do I.

I was like the President. Everybody say hello to me and wave their hands. Even a construction worker shouted “Haaaaaaaaai!” on top of the floor.

Why do they work so early? It’s super super super hot, as I posted before. Already 33 Celsius. It’s going to be 45 Celsius. Morning is the best time to work.

And also play!! Some local people play drifting.

Goats walk as usual. I tried to give them bread. Some of them were afraid of me and got away from me.

I got along with some kids.
Me: “Wanna gum?”
Kids: “No, we are in Ramadan.”
They look like 6 – 7 years old, but already are strict for their religion.

Kids: “Wanna play soccer?”
Me: “Sure.”
Even though they are bare feet, they can easily steal a ball from me.
To my interest, they shout “Maradona! Maradona!” when they dribble.
Neither “Messi!” nor “Ronaldo!”.

11:00 AM I was at Khasab Airport. I headed to the office to meet Mr. M who helped me a lot.

Me: “Hi! This is for you, a towel.”
Mr.M: “What’s that?”
Me: “Yokai, Japanese Monster.”
Mr.M: “I’ll frame this on the wall.”

After back to Japan, I’ve got a thank you email from Mr.B. I made a reply, then got again.
Mr.M: “Now, we are friends!”


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