About Me

Hi, I’m Milu, living at Shin-Urayasu(Japan) which is 20 minutes away from Tokyo station by train.

I travel aboard once or twice a year from 2008.
Traveling abroad help me sometimes mature and sometimes innocent.
Every trip is impressive to me.
But, when it comes into talking to others,
I’m longing for a trip beyond this.

I’d like to write down my trip before my good memories fade away.
Unfortunately, I’m a less-experienced traveler,
so it’s matter of time before I run out of my stories.

I’d like to keep writing my blog as long as I have time.
For this reason, I’m going to write down another related stories,
such as my daily life, Japanese culture, things to do in Japan, etc.


16 responses to “About Me

  1. Thank you for the blog follow and like! I’ve always been fascinated with the culture, people and history of Japan since childhood and I love that you talk about those in your blog. It makes me miss my mother 🙂 as she’s been living in Matsudo for the last 20+ years but at the same time reading about Japan makes me feel like she’s not too far away 🙂 . Thanks again and I look forward to reading your posts!

    • Me, too. Thank you for reading my blog, Edelweiss. Matsudo is close to my city.
      Maybe, 40 – 50 minutes away by train. But, I’ve never been there.
      Someday, I will go there and write it down.

  2. Hey Milu!
    I am a photoeditor from Germany and I work for a corporate publishing agency. We’re about to publish a magazine, that will contain a small series of pictures of student’s lunch from all over the world.

    I’ve found a photo of lunches at a university on your blog
    I’m talking about these photos:
    Sun’s Kitchen(Lunch:660 yen)
    Sun’s Kitchen(Lunch:500yen)
    Sun’s Kitchen(Lunch:500yen)

    I would like to use your photo in that magazine. Would that be possible? Could you send them to me in original quality?
    We’d need to know where this picture was taken (city, country, university) and what food is on the picture. And the name of the photographer will be mentioned as photocredit.

    Would be great to hear from you.

  3. Hi, I read your YAKUDOSHI(厄年) – ARE YOU UNLUCKY IN 2014 article and if you know how to get ride of the bad luck please let me know. I was born on August 18, 1990 and I’m having the worst luck this year. First, my car got ransacked infront of my house a few weeks ago then just yesterday there was a black guy jacking off beside my car and the worst part was my wheels were locked so I can’t move. Not to mention my financially problem, which is the least of my problems. I never had such bad before this year. Please advise, thanks!

    • hi, mai! i’m sorry to hear that. i think yakudoshi is superstition. i didn’t do any special things in my yakudoshi, although something bad happened. so, it’s better not to mind. but, if you mind, visit a shrine and pray for it. may you have wonderful days the rest of this year.

      • Ahh, I see. I don’t think there’s any shrines around my area. I live in Texas =[. I always believe in superstitions, but it’s not something I’m conscience about. It has taken a 360 degree turn this year. Not only me, but it seem like this year has been the worst for my whole family. Thanks for the reply!

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