Khasab, Oman – Islam Pray(No Backpack, No Hotel!?) – July 6th, 2015

12:30 PM, I was at a baggage claim at Khasab Airport.
The baggage conveyor stopped without getting my backpack.
Not only me but a dozen of people.
A staff said something to us. Others stared to move.
I followed others. We got to the office.
The boss explained something and seemed to ask for our ticket number and call number.
My turn came.
Me: « Where is my baggage? »
Boss: « Maybe another airplane. We are looking for now. We’ll call you when we find. »
Me: « I don’t have a phone. »
Boss: « All flight is done today. Come here 10:00 AM tomorrow. »
Me: « I see. »

I went outside to get a taxi. But, there was no taxi.
I went back to the office. The boss was still struggling.
I asked a staff, Mr. M, sitting next to the boss

Me: « Where can I get a taxi? »
Mr. M: « No taxi here. »
Me: « Really!? I’d like to go to a hotel. »
I showed him a copy of my booking on
Mr.M made a call to my stay, a villa.
Mr.M: « This number is closed. »
Mr.M called his man and drew a map.
His man took me to my stay.
He rang a bell, but no one came out.
Then, we were back to the office.
Mr. M: « Accommodation Cheating. »
Me: « Would you look for a hotel for me? »

Thanks to Mr.B, I got another stay: Diwan Al Amir.
2 trouble at the same time. But, strangely I was not bewildered at all.
Getting used to travel or hot air made me stop thinking.

Anyway, I was relieved to get my stay near sea.
I was the only tourist staying there due to Ramadan.

This is a view from my room. I walked around. Neighboring tour agencies were closed. I looked at Mr. B’s name card. « Tour Agency – Sales Executive ». I thought « Ask him tomorrow ».

Nothing else to do. I was at a supermarket, LuLu Hypermarket, all day. Rice bag – 40kg, Detergent bag – 15kg. Everything is tremendously big for Japanese.

I stared at the price. Still confusing 7٨  8, ٧  . But, I memorized arabic numbers here.

Apple Fuji is a Japan brand. But, it says from China. Bummer.

Just before 4:00PM, I heard something from loudspeakers. I went outside. Islam Pray has just started.


2 réponses à “Khasab, Oman – Islam Pray(No Backpack, No Hotel!?) – July 6th, 2015

  1. what a great looking supermarket…the produce look so fresh. good too the heat made you stop thinking straight 🙂 and good you got to see the ocean from afar. 🙂

    • yeah, lulu hypermarket is a great supermarket. lucky that a villa’s owner wasn’t there. i got a stay near the ocean. thank you, Sun!

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