Aeta Tribe – the Philippines – Magnificent View, Sep 7th, 2014

At first, I’d like to say there is no my own picture. Because, I was drunken, so I’m not sure my camera was stolen or left somewhere. LOL.
At 6:00AM, Lui and I waked up in the jungle.
Lui: « Today is my grandson’s birthday. Come with me? »
Me: « Oh, Sure, Please. »

We took a ride on Victory Liner for 40 minutes or so.
And took a ride on a tricycle for 15 minutes or so.
I forget the place name.
I googled over and over along the road.
However, I cannot find where there is.
It can’t be helped.

We were in the middle of field, stream and swamp.
Mountains are shining in the rays of sunlight.
Goats and Carabaos(Water buffalo) are grazing.
Banana trees are planted.
The path was muddy. Lui’s family lent me a sandal.

Their house is about 10m(11yard) away from a stream.
When we arrived, a lady washed dishes in a stream and kids swam in naked.
I’m relieved I lost my camera. If I had pictures, I would be arrested under child pornography law.

They were a big big family, probably 30 people.
I greeted « Magandang Hapon. Ikinagagalak kitang makilala.(Good Afternoon. Nice to meet you.) »
Everyone startled.
They taught me how to greet in Ilocos language and Aeta language.
But, I already forget. Sorry. Pasensya kana.

They served me pansit bihon, frogs, crabs, whole grilled chicken, spaghetti etc.
I forget the fruit name. I googled over and over. Maybe it was an atis.
Anyway, every food is Masarap(Delicious)!!

After meal, I grabbed a boy and did up up.
But, he didn’t have any reaction.
Plus, a girl cried. When I tried to be close to her, she cried out loud and run away.
Oh, My God!

To get kids’ attention, I took a candy bag « Milky » from my backpack.

I bring this candy bag every travel. Everybody loves this taste « sweet and milk ». The texture is chewy.
Plus, some girls copy this character’s face, sticking out their tongue from the right side of mouth.
Looks Cute!! Let’s try this face!!
This time, this candy worked well. Every kids came close to me except the crying girl.
I couldn’t catch her heart………
We sang and did monkey dance. Time flies.

Around 4:30PM, Lui said to me, « Here is my son’s house. Go to my home. »
Oh, My!! I’d like to stay here tonight. But, it can’t be helped.

One of his son named Chino, he said by himself « My name is like Chinese. », gave me his flute made by himself as a gift.

We hugged tightly and missed each other. Maraming Maraming Salamat po.
Thank you for all of your kindness. This flute is my treasure. I never forget you!!!!

6 réponses à “Aeta Tribe – the Philippines – Magnificent View, Sep 7th, 2014

  1. This touched my heart. People in travel journey are the best experiences and moments. And way to win the heart of the Filipinos… except that one girl. 😀

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