5 Minutes Trade – My New Style, Jan 2015


I bought <3402>Toray stock Oct 2006 and sold Nov 2014. <3402>Toray has been still going up at the end of Jan 2015. If you say « You are idiot, wimpy and a chicken. », I accept your every dirty word.

Why did I sell so early? It’s because oil price has been falling down since Jun 2014. Every analyst say oil price down will push our economy. I don’t think so. First of all, oil money hurts. Arab kings never allow. They will revenge in some way. Second of all, the USA economy is also supported by oil. The USA has oil majors: ExxonMobil and Chevron. Many people are employed. In my opinion, oil price down will damage the USA economy. The USA recession means Japan recession. That’s why I closed my positions.

However, the market is still bullish. If you buy a stock today and it become latent loss, it will turn into latent gain next week. This resembles the 2005 – 2007 market. I was in hallucination: the market will go up forever. I must not make the same mistake. I must not make big positions above this level. I must not be irritated without any positions, no matter how further the market goes up.

But, I’m still greedy. I want gain. How do I get gain without big positions? I think twice during New Year.
One thing comes to my mind. 5 minutes trade. Let’s put my thought into practice.

Here is a part of my records Jan 2015. The total gain shows +62,634 yen. But, I bought <4502>Takeda last year. So, The real monthly gain by 5 minutes trade is +59,434 yen. I bet 12 games in total – Win 10 & Lose 2. Win 5 & Lose 1 by short. Win 5 & Lose 1 by long. Just for reference, Nikkei 225 went up from 17450.77 to 17674.39(+1.27%).

☆ The best trade in Jan 2015.(<4661>Oriental Land:+31,051 yen)

<4661>Oriental Land manages Tokyo Disneyland.
The stock plunged from 32,320 yen to 30,610 yen (- 4.8%)on Jan 22th. My most favorite chart was formed.  The chart says « Go to Hell, Bull! ». « Fxxk you, Bear! Kxxl you, Bear! » on BBS. Of course, I bet downwards. After that, the chart formed 2 top and went down from 31,425 yen to 28,450 yen (-9.26%) on Jan 30th. May I bet downwards again?

☆ The worst trade in Jan 2015.(<4185>JSR: -25,314 yen)

<4185>JSR is one of top 2 companies of synthetic rubbers. The stock surged from 1,908 yen to 2,139 yen(+12.1%) on Jan 26th. The chart says « In your face, Bear!! ». JSR revised their 2015 fiscal year’s profit before tax upwards from 39 billion yen to 43 billion yen. I expected a gap up on the next day. I bought this stock at closing on Jan 26th. However, the stock went down at opening on Jan 27th. It was my mistake.

☆ The trial trade(<9132> Daiichi Chuo Kisen: +2,000 yen)

<9132>Daiichi Chuo Kisen is a shipping company.This company’s operating profit is constantly in red. A breaking news came out « Daiichi Chuo Kisen has won its appeal against a UK High Court order to pay $137.6m plus $29m in costs for the loss of the 176,000-dwt bulker Ocen Victory at the Japanese port of Kashima in 2006. » The stock extremely surged from 41 yen to 55 yen(+34.1%)!! The chart says « Let’s jump on the band wagon!! » Absolutely, I bet upwards. But, I made a mistake. I forgot this is a junk stock. I bought only 1,000 shares. The gain is only 2,000 yen. Umm…Big Mistake.


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