4523:Eisai volcano erupted, Mar 23 – 24, 2015

I featured 4523:Eisai stock 2 times before(1: My Stock Trade – Feb 2015 , 2: Walking around Japan National Diet Library). A breaking news came out Mar 20: « Biogen will push Alzheimer’s drug to phase 3« . 4523:Eisai develops together this medicine. From Mar 23 to 24, finally, this news drived 4523:Eisai up 32%(7310 yen to 9570 yen) for just 2 days. Huge market capitalization company stocks like Eisai(265B yen/$22B, as of Mar 28, 2015) seldom rise sharply for such few days. Marvelous!! I’m really relieved that I closed my short positions quickly. Nobody knows next week. Once it goes down under 8,000 yen, it will never soar. Forward P/E is 123. Dividends(150 yen) are 2 times more than EPS(71 yen). Time to sell is coming.

On the same week, a big news run through the world: Heinz and Kraft foods merger.
<KRFT>Kraft foods jumped up 35%. Kraft foods market capitalization is 57.86B. Even though Kraft foods is 2.5 times bigger than Eisai, Kraft foods got a huge hike. I can’t help but feeling the worlds is big.

By the way, candle bars were invented by a Japanese, Munehisa Homma, for rice market in the 18th century. It seems that Western countries use green for bullish bars. In Japan, we use red bars. I think red is better than green. Red bars are like eruption.


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