Yakudoshi(厄年) – Are you unlucky in 2015?

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« Yakudoshi(厄年) – Are you unlucky in 2014? » is a second most accessed post on my blog. Thank you for visiting my site. I’m very glad. I’d like to post again this year.

Yakudoshi means unlucky ages. Here is a list of Yakudoshi this year 2015.


Maeyaku(前厄) Yakudoshi(厄年)
Maeyaku(前厄) Yakudoshi(厄年)
☆ Am I in the middle of Yakudoshi this year in 2015?
As you can see the above tables, it depends on your age and gender whether you are in the middle of  Yakudoshi. For example, if you are a male and were born in the red marked year like 1991, 1974, 1955, unfortunately you are in the middle of Yakudoshi in 2015. If you are a female and were born in the red marked year like 1999, 1983, 1979, unfortunately you are in the middle of Yakudoshi in 2015.

You might think “Hey, I was born in 1991. But, I’m not 25.”
As for age, Yakudoshi uses Kazoedoshi(数え年)/East Asian Age reckoning. It’s not difficult.
Kazoedoshi is your age + 1. If you were born on Jan 10th 1991, you are 24 years old and 25 Kazoedoshi years old, as of Jan 10th 2015. Everybody’s Kazoedoshi counts up +1 on January 1st. Everybody’s Kazoedoshi starts from 1 Kazoedoshi years old. If your baby is born on Jan 10th 2015, your baby is 1 Kazoedoshi years old, as of Jan 10th 2015.

☆ What are these? Maeyaku(前厄), Honyaku(本厄), Atoyaku(後厄) and Taiyaku(大厄)?
Honyaku is the same as Yakudoshi which means something bad will be likely to happen to you this year.
Maeyaku is the previous age of Yakudoshi. It means taking care of yourself for bad omens.
Atoyaku is the upcoming age of Yakudoshi. It means that bad luck will dwindle, but still keep in mind.
Taiyaku is like a boss among Yakudoshi. The worst, most terrible, most horrible luck will come to you.
Taiyaku ages are in yellow-filled cells in the above tables. For men, born in 1974. For ladies, 1983.
☆ What will happen to you in Yakudoshi?
  1. Your weak points, especially mind weakness and physical weakness are likely to come out.
  2. Despite your will, calamities will come close to you. Moreover, it will frequently happen. Severe illness, Losing your beloved one, Bankruptcy, Divorce and so on.
  3. You are likely to be stubborn. Your actions are likely to go wrong.  Friction with others.
☆ How do I cope with Yakudoshi?
  1. Don’t push yourself.  Stay calm. Refrain from new challenges, wedding, new job and so on.
  2. Keep in mind to revere deities and respect your ancestors.
  3. Get the benefit of deities and others. Be grateful to them.
  4. Don’t be stubborn. Keep in mind to behave for public benefits.
    Give your service to others as much as you can.
  5. Stop resisting your destiny. Leave your fate in the hands of deities. Just enjoy your troubles.
☆ What happened to me in Taiyaku?
I was born in 1973. Yes, I was in the middle of Taiyaku in 2014 and now Atoyaku in 2015.
However, 2014 was not the worst year for me. If 2014 was the worst year, I feel Spring for my future.
I prove it by 2 points.
You might say « Your cameras were stolen and lost 2 times for 3 years. » It’s not a big deal. I really enjoyed those travels. I’m sure more fabulous travels will come close to me.
Secondly, my Lehman Brothers’ Shock comes to an end. I made a huge position of <3402>Toray, Oct 2006 and had kept to hold. At the end of year in 2007, several financial companies strongly recommended <7203>Toyota and <3402>Toray for 2008. « Woot, woot!! I’ll get big money. »
However, every stock plunged Jan 2008 and Toray stock went down under my buying price. « It’s temporary. Toray has technology like carbon fiber and seawater desalination. I should keep holding. » After then, Toray gradually went down. At the end of Feb 2008, I already noticed it would never come back. « How do I cut my latent losses? » But, I couldn’t. It was too huge to cut. I made up my mind to short other stocks. I couldn’t short Toray. If you had ever traded stock, you probably know my feeling. My heart was sunken, no matter how much money I got by short.
Time went by. At the beginning of Nov 2014, Toray stock was still under my buying price.
« Can I escape? When will I escape? »
Nov 17th 2014, Toray announced they got an order of 1000 billions yen of carbon fiber from Boeing.
« Come on! Go up! »
Nov 19th 2014, Toray Announced Toyota made a contract to use Toray’s carbon fiber for their vehicles.
« Wow! Good News! I can escape. »
The market was extremely bullish. I closed my all Toray positions without hesitation.

6 réponses à “Yakudoshi(厄年) – Are you unlucky in 2015?

  1. Very nice postings indeed! My birthyear is not listed. 🙂 Just happy I’m not in the yellow. One international travel a year sounds like a very great challenge and adventure! Way to keep up with it. It might sound easy for me to do that but I was never sure if they come. I’m just glad they do. Wishing you a continued great year ahead.

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